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2009-01-18 18:41:06 by Starlet-Sugar

still working on my film fest submission,
and contracting the stomach flu.
fun stuff, right?

check out my sketchblog.

Love Starlet


March = film fest in my city of Bumblefuck :)

i mean, explode me is the name of my game.
with the lovely talented da(a)ni bee. (DaniCaliforniaBee, look her up on ng.)
Lates, baybie dolls!

Love Starlet

expect stuff before... MARCH :O

Current Projects

2007-08-02 13:05:12 by Starlet-Sugar

Well Hello There!

This is my first Newgrounds News Post thing.. It's not too much different from a blog, is it?

Currently, I am working on a 5o second flash animation depicting the morning of a magical yet slightly ditsy girl. Its the most intense frame by frame action I've ever come up with, and it makes me sort of ashamed of the title I put out called "art class". That movie was made entirely of tweens, and created in a hurried manner with plots that could basically be called inside jokes. I might even delete that thing off newgrounds some time because I don't want to be noted as it's creator. The movie I'm currently animating is so far unnamed, but I'm almost 50% finished. Honestly, its the colouring that takes forever. Not to mention the moving and realistic backgrounds. When I'm finished with it, I may even put out a series that's been kicking around in my head for some time; depending if I get good feedback and viewing response.

If I do create said series, I will definitely need voice acting. If you might be interested in this, email and I will give you an audition!

Luv ya,